Fuck Yeah Mark Labbett

Mark Labbett, aka "The Beast" is the super sexy Chaser from the English and American show "The Chase". With a 6 foot 6' frame and an IQ of 155, as well as enough quiz knowledge and downright sass to whoop thousands of game show contestants, we can't get enough of him, and you won't either.

This is really hot


"The Chase (U.S.) is my new favorite show because I always root for The Beast.


Dinner time is Chase time :)


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Oh Bradley Walsh, how you make me laugh!
'What is the cartoon character, Andy Capp, known as in Germany?'
{ is it Dick Tingeler, Helmut Schmacker, or Willi Wakker? }

Yeah I lost it, bwahaha!:’)


It can’t be normal to get this excited about ‘The Chase’…

“When I went along to the audition, understanding a little bit about theatricality — most of these guys turned up wearing a suit or something. I came out wearing a sort of Soviet army-style grey coat. And when I went in there, I ducked my head under the door frame; the coat comes swishing in after me like Darth Vader’s cape. And I chatted to the original producer, and they said, ‘You know what? You had the job at that point.’ And that was before they realized I could also answer questions.”

— Mark Labbett on auditioning for The Chase (x)
on a question about Countdown
Mark: "I think it's fair to say that all the Chasers would love to go on that show in Dictionary Corner. Or, can you imagine the tag team with Anne doing the words and me doing the numbers? We'd be unbeatable."
Bradley: "You would be unbeatable. Tag team Countdown, I'd like to see that!"
Contestant: "So would I!"
Bradley: "Nude."
Mark: *stares*
Bradley: "In 3D."
Mark: "... well I know Channel 4 are risky, but I don't think they're that risque."